Course Materials and Readings

Your textbooks, articles, and other course materials often form the foundation for your in-class activities, discussions, and assignments.  Here are some things to consider as you build that foundation.

  • Stay focused on your learning objectives when selecting readings and other course materials.  Try comparing your list of objectives with your course materials to make sure they correspond.
  • Be mindful of overloading your students with too much.  Try to be realistic about how much information your students can absorb and ditch any readings that don’t contribute directly to your learning objectives.
  • Consider assigning companion questions or activities that will help your students understand the relevance of readings, videos, etc. as well as reinforce the important ideas they contain.
  • If possible, vary the format of your course materials (books, articles, web pages, videos, podcasts, tutorials, etc.) to protect against monotony and disinterest as well as appeal to multiple learning styles.

More thoughts about choosing resources for an online classroom from Faculty Focus

Ordering Textbooks and Coursepacks

Your program manager handles all textbook orders.  Fill out this order form and send it along to him or her.  Be sure to watch for announcements about due dates.
Students may purchase textbooks through our TextbookX Online Bookstore.

Linking to Articles

You’ll never have to worry about copyright when you link to Treadwell’s full-text subscriptions. Finding links that will work in D2L can be a bit tricky, however. This tutorial about Finding Persistent URLs will walk you through the process:

If you’d like help locating full-text articles that will be relevant to your courses, just ask.

Course Reserves

The Institute keeps a collection in the Library & Study Commons on the 4th floor of Building 38 where you may place personal copies of books or articles on reserve for your courses. Treadwell Library will also put its books on reserve for your courses. Contact to make arrangements.

Treadwell Library eBooks

Terrific sources for supplementary and recommended readings.  Because these eBooks generally only allow one user at a time (just like a regular library book), we do not recommend these for required readings.

Cultural Competence Teaching Resources

A collection of resources to help you improve the cultural competence content in your courses and curricula. This guide also includes links to Treadwell's books and journals on this topic.

Beyond books and articles

Looking for materials beyond books and articles?  These are just a few sources.

Online Course Materials Sources

Images, Videos, Audio


Ask the Institute Librarian to help you find multimedia materials on your course topics.

Institute Copyright Policy

What you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to providing materials for your classes.

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