Course Evaluations

Official End of Semester Course Evaluations

The official Course evaluation system, CourseEval, is managed by IHP IT.

Feedback from a course evaluation can sometimes be difficult to parse. Student feedback can be invaluable, but it is not always presented in a way that provides a clear path forward. Interpreting student responses and making adjustments to your course design and teaching requires careful thought and planning. Consider scheduling a Teaching Consultation to discuss the results of your course evaluations.

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Mid Semester Feedback

A “Mid Semester Check In” is a common activity for gathering feedback from students on how a course is going.  By collecting feedback at the middle of the semester, rather than waiting until the end of the semester, an instructor can make minor but meaningful changes to the course before it ends.

This check in can take many forms, informal conversation, minute paper, focus group, but survey (either in class or online) is a common tool.

Example Mid Semester Check In questions
(available as a survey in the Desire2Learn Learning Object Repository)

How much do you agree with the following statements?
(Likert scale 1-5 Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree)

I feel sufficiently challenged.

The expectations and assignment in this course are clearly defined.

Open response questions:

What is going well in the course?

What could be improved in the course?

Tips for Gathering Mid Semester Feedback from Students
• Gather feedback early enough that changes can be implemented that semester
• Ask questions that are meaningful to you, don’t feel constrained by standardized forms.
• Communicate to students why you are gathering feedback
• After gathering feedback be transparent about what changes you are or are not making.

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