Course Design Process

The Instructional Design Department provides expertise in course design and pedagogy assisting you in the design and delivery of high quality courses (face-to-face, hybrid, or online). Instructional designers use a process model that is resource-efficient, scalable, and sustainable while adhering to recognized best practices and guidelines. The approach for designing instructionally sound courses followed in this process is called ‘Backwards Design’, and the process model is based on current accepted research, best practices, and principles about pedagogies and how students learn.

By working collaboratively with you as the content experts, and with Information Technology as the technical experts, instructional designers help create courses that provide a challenging and engaging learning experience for students.

Key Principles

Backwards Design

Overall Course Structure

Designing Course Content

D2L Course Framework


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Course Design Institute

Need to revise an existing course? Preparing to teach a new course? Attend the Course Design Institute (CDI), a three day intensive workshop offered to provide you with the tools, time, and collegial support necessary for designing or redesigning a course. Upon completion, you will have created a basic course outline and walk away with the tools and know-how to finish developing it!