Class Rosters & Grading


Official Grading for semesters will be done using your IONLINE account. Grades are always due 48 hours after your last class or final exam. For those classes that end earlier than the official semester end date, please adhere to this guideline. The absolute deadline for grades to be entered for any semester is 48 hours after the official end of semester as listed in the academic calendar.


IONLINE is our Student Information system and is used by faculty to review class rosters and to submit "official" grades at the end of the semester. More details below.

IONLINE is also used by all Institute faculty, staff and students to keep personal data and emergency contact information up to date. Make sure you double-check your information to see that it is up to date.

You can access IONLINE from the Log In menu in the upper right-hand corner of pages on the Web site. You do not need to be on a Partners computer to do this.

You will receive your login information from IT. If you have any issues accessing your IONLINE account, please contact the IT Help Desk. For best service, please use the support ticket system for requests and questions; and use your email address.


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