The D2L Course Framework

The D2L Course Framework is a collection of instructional design resources and structured templates intended to assist instructors who are in the process of designing a new course or restructuring an existing course. The Course Framework provides a standardized look and feel for the presentation of Institute courses in D2L, as well as assisting instructors with the rapid development and organizations of course materials. The Course Framework is intended to be a flexible course design resource for instructors and can be used whole cloth or piecemeal as needed by individual courses.

What the Framework Includes

The Course framework is intended to serve as starting point when designing new courses or redesigning courses. In addition to a weekly structure, templates for documents, and standardized course policies, the framework also contains tips and guidelines for organizing online materials for any course. There are three main section within the Framework:

1. Instructional Design Support Materials - Instructor Resources

This area of the Framework contains a wealth of information in preparation for designing a course and planning for the delivery of materials online. Resources include course design guidelines booklet, tutorials, online design checklist, etc. This material is hidden from students by default.

2. Course level materials

This section  includes the standardized information helpful in structuring any online course. The IHP Course Syllabus Template and accompanying User Guide are provided as well as a welcome message, instructor bio page, system recommendations and academic resources for students. This section of the framework is visible to students and can be edited as needed.

3. Pre-Built Weekly Modules

The remaining sections of the Framework include a weekly structure for content and the Weekly Organizer Page. The 14 Weeks, each with an organizer page provide a consistent structure for the course content. Any of the elements can be copied, modified, or removed as desired.

Organizer Pages

The Weekly Organizer Page is a pre-formatted document available for D2L courses to assist in outlining weekly content. A PDF document for viewing the organizer page format and a Word document for drafting weekly organizer pages outside of D2L is included in the Weekly Organizer Documents Module. The content from completed Word documents for each week can be copied and pasted into the D2L "Weekly Organizer' HTML Document in the D2L Course Framework. The Weekly Organizer Documents are hidden from students by default.


Accessing the Course Framework

The Course Framework exists as a Learning Object within the D2L Learning Object Repository that can be copied into any course. Many instructors use the Course Framework as the first addition to an empty course shell in D2L, but it can also be copied into a course with existing materials.

For instructions on previewing the Course Framework and copying it into your course see:

Copying the D2L Course Framework (PDF)

Accessing the D2L Course Framework Tutorial Video:


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