WELL Collaborative

We are a group of speech-language pathologists, teachers, and researchers committed to furthering our understanding of effective writing instruction practices and disseminating this knowledge to teachers, specialists and parents.


  • Serve the language and literacy needs of the local, regional and national community
  • Offer an advanced clinical placement in writing for graduate students
  • Examine the effects of structured writing instruction delivered individually, in a classroom environment, and via telepractice intervention
  • Provide professional development for clinicians and teachers in the areas of language and literacy
woman in classroom writes on a white board

Educators and Administrators

We offer strategies for integrating structured writing instruction through our WISE project.

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woman points to a sheet of paper in front of an elementary school aged boy

Writing Clinics for Grades 4-12

Our writing clinic serves those reading at a 3rd grade reading level or beyond.

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Lab Team

Charles Haynes, EdD, CCC-SLP

Professor Emeritus Communication Sciences and Disorders

Emilie Larrivee in black shirt

Assistant Professor Communication Sciences and Disorders Coordinator of Clinical Services, Julie Atwood Speech, Language and Literacy Center

Kate Radville in black shirt

Adjunct Instructor PhD student Communication Sciences and Disorders Research: SAiL Literacy Lab