Preparing for the inevitability of inclement weather or other unexpected closings is an important component of course logistics.

Minimize the impact of lost class time by having a plan for how you will maintain contact with your students and readjust scheduling. To ensure academic continuity, we recommend that you perform the following preparedness activities:

  • Be informed of how to get Institute and technology alerts
  • Practice making clear and effective online communications
  • Familiarize yourself with communication and online teaching technologies
  • Make schedule adjustments, as needed
  • Back on campus, evaluate impact and reconnect with your students
  • Be informed of how to get support

Institute Closing Announcements
Connect-Ed announcements will be made to faculty, staff and students to announce school closings. Connect-Ed will use your contact information in IOnline, so please make sure to keep this information updated.  

Communication Plan
The most critical component of preparing for changes to your course is to have a communication plan in place that is communicated to students at the start of the semester. For most instructors email is the primary method of communication for such matters and may be preferable to D2L for time sensitive announcements. Be as prompt as possible in communicating class cancellations, changes to deadlines, or other adjustments that your students need to be aware of. Be prepared for some flexibility and accommodations for students during a time of disruption. Depending on the circumstances, some students may be without electricity for a prolonged period of time while others may have limited or no access to technology, D2L, or other online resources. In the event of widespread disruptions, you may want to ask for a response from each student to ensure they’ve received your messages.