CourseEval creates evaluations for all courses based on the information in Colleague, our Student Information System. This information includes instructors of record, class roster, and course start and end dates. Evaluations include questions regarding the course and instructor(s). Evaluations are anonymous. CourseEval does track who has and has not completed an evaluation but responses and scores are not connected to who submitted them. 

CourseEval notifies students via email when evaluations are open for a given course; typically the final two weeks of a course for semester long courses or the final week for shorter courses. The simplest way for students to access CourseEval is via the link on their D2L homepages. They will also be  notified of account information for accessing the CourseEval system via email. Faculty will be notified via email when the evaluation period has closed and the response data is now available.

CourseEval is also used for the mid-semester Student Experiences Survey that is distributed in late February/early March each year as well as the Exit Survey distributed to graduating students at the end of each semester.