For the safety of our students, faculty, staff, and clients of our on-campus centers, all MGH Institute of Health Professions students are required to receive an annual vaccination for influenza before the start of the flu season. Below find information to aid in your efforts to comply with this requirement.

Where to get a flu vaccine

  • MGH Occupational Health Flu Vaccine Clinics

No-cost flu vaccine clinics are occasionally hosted by MGH Occupational Health Services at Massachusetts General Hospital and in the Charlestown Navy Yard. Find information on additional MGB flu clinics on Pulse.

  • Local Pharmacies

CVS Pharmacy

  • Through your primary care provider, at pharmacies, and various other locations throughout the area.

Flu Immunization Steps

  • Flu vaccine administered at MGH Occupational Health Flu Vaccine Clinics or MGH Occupational Health:

If you were vaccinated by Occupational Health Services (OHS) during a flu clinic or in an OHS office, your vaccination will be automatically entered in PeopleSoft for you, so there is no action you have to take.

  • Flu vaccine administered at a Mass General Brigham Provider other than OHS:

If you were vaccinated by a Mass General Brigham provider other than the OHS, you will need to go into PeopleSoft to document your consent for your flu vaccination information to be provided to the OHS:

    • Go to your PeopleSoft Vaccination page
    • Select "Add Record"
    • Provide consent by clicking the circle below the paragraph that reads as follows:

"If you received your flu shot from a Mass General Brigham Provider and give consent for your EPIC flu shot record to be shared with Occupational Health Services, please check this button. Occupational Health Services will document your flu shot in PeopleSoft for you. This consent will remain in place for the duration of my employment or until it is revoked in writing."

    • Click Save and exit out of PeopleSoft
  • Flu vaccine administered by provider outside Mass General Brigham, including a retail pharmacy:

If you were vaccinated by a provider outside of Mass General Brigham, including a retail pharmacy such as CVS, you will need to submit proof of vaccination to the Occupational Health Services. Proof of vaccination can be an office record of the shot, immunization record or a receipt showing the shot was provided to you. This can be a copy of the original or a picture of the documentation. Please email OccHealthFluVaccination [at] if you have questions about this process.


Students’ flu vaccination records will be uploaded to Complio by the Institute’s Office of Compliance. Students will not need to upload their flu vaccination information to Complio.

Medical and religious exemption requests are due by October 7, 2022.

  • Medical Exemption Requests

An exemption to the vaccination policy may be requested for certain medical reasons, including documentation of a history of Guillain-Barre syndrome or a severe, life-threatening allergy to flu vaccine or any ingredient in the vaccine. Requests must be submitted to Occupational Health Services (OHS).

The two acceptable medical exemptions are:

    • Personal history of Guillain-Barre syndrome that developed within six weeks of receiving vaccine
    • Anaphylaxis or severe allergic reaction following a dose of influenza vaccine or any vaccine component (This might include allergy to gelatin, antibiotics or other ingredients in the flu vaccine.)

The OHS will determine if your request meets the CDC criteria for medical exemption. To access and submit your completed form:

You will receive notification from OHS as to whether your request for a medical exemption was accepted or denied.

  • Religious Exemption Requests

Requests must be submitted to Human Resources no later than October 7. Complete the Religious Exemption Request form (please note that a pork-free vaccine is available this year).

You will receive an email from HR as to whether your request for a religious exemption was accepted or denied.

Note on Exemptions

Clinical Placements: For students who decline the flu vaccine, certain agencies may refuse to accept these students for clinical assignments or may require students to wear a mask in all patient care areas.

All students should maintain a copy of their proof of flu vaccination in the event that a clinical site requires such documentation in advance of a clinical placement.

If students received their flu vaccination from an MGH OHS Flu Vaccination Clinic and need proof of vaccination for a clinical placement, students should log into their Patient Gateway account for this documentation.