Starting in their first fall semester, students enroll in three one-credit interprofessional courses integrated into their programs of study.


Interprofessional Practice provides foundational knowledge and exposure to the core competencies for interprofessional collaborative practice as students learn together in interprofessional teams of six to seven members.


Interprofessional Projects provides opportunities for IMPACT Practice teams to grow in the core competencies for interprofessional practice. Guided by a faculty mentor, teams engage in learning activities and projects drawn from a menu that includes community and health care delivery system exposure, team-building simulation experiences, and other of the Institute’s interprofessional extracurricular activities.


Interprofessional Ethics anchors the IMPACT Practice curriculum by delving more deeply into the values and ethics that underlie professional practice and providing students with tools for managing ethical challenges they may encounter in practice.

Common Reading Program

When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi is a pre-assigned book that all matriculating IHP students, regardless of discipline, are asked to read prior to your scheduled orientation.

This first-person narrative centers on Paul Kalanithi, a neurosurgeon resident in his mid-thirties who is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer during his last year of training. The story highlights his experience as a patient and the impact on his family as they grapple with the illness and his subsequent decline.

We want you to be not only evidence-based clinicians, but also high-performing members of healthcare teams. Each program builds a one-hour session into their orientation schedule to discuss the book through the lens of interprofessional collaborative practice and justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion, thereby introducing new students to two important core values of the IHP. These sessions are typically facilitated by two interprofessional faculty members.

About a month before orientation, you will receive a direct link through your school e-mail address that will allow you to access an electronic version of When Breath Becomes Air. If you do not receive an email with the link, please ymendezrainey [at] (email Yolanda Mendez Rainey).