Virtual Commencement Ceremony

This message is from IHP President Paula Milone-Nuzzo's desk



-May 7, 2020-

Over the last two months, I’ve been writing to you about our Commencement plans. Earlier in the spring, we changed the date, thinking that by August it would be safe to hold a large gathering, but we now know that won’t be the case.

We recently learned that the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center will remain a field hospital into the fall. We anticipate that social distancing will be the norm in August, as it is today. And we know that large crowds will be prohibited.

So, while I was as excited as you to celebrate your Commencement in person, this will not be possible. This week, to keep everyone safe, we made the decision to hold a virtual Commencement ceremony on August 28, the day that we had planned, at Noon.

We are excited to celebrate your graduation in this way. It’s not what we all had planned, but we know that we can make it a very memorable and special day for you. Our Commencement Team will be communicating with you soon to go over specifics related to this change.

Thank you,


IHP Communications

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