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Selena Craig is the Assistant Director, Digital Branding for the Office of Strategic Communications at the Institute. With an extensive background in digital marketing content and strategy, Selena’s role at the Institute focuses on creating engaging multimedia pieces such as video, graphics, blogs, and photography. In addition to digital content creation and managing the social media channels at the Institute, Selena plays a major role in enhancing awareness of the IHP brand within the digital space through search engine optimization, online branding, and social media campaigns.

Selena received her Master of Science in Advertising from Boston University and her Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies with a concentration in Design and Production from the University of Southern Maine.



Blog Posts by Selena Craig

Sep 12, 2013

Apps that save you time!

As a student or professional, one thing is clear these days; you need to make your life as efficient as possible. With all this technology, comes the extra pressures of always being available to connect with friends and family, and stay up to date on topics of interest. Did you know there is a Boston mayoral election in a couple of months? You should, it is an important race and affects the Health Professions. Here are some applications, tips, and tricks to keep you organized and give you...Read more