Update on Commit @ IHP

This message is from IHP President Paula Milone-Nuzzo's desk

-July 24, 2020-

Dear IHP Students,

We hope you are continuing to stay safe and well as we progress through these uncertain times. We are writing to reinforce information previously shared and provide new information on our fall return to campus plan.

First and foremost, the Commit @ IHP program is essential to our success this fall; our everyday actions impact the Institute’s ability to provide on-campus education allowing you to progress in your program. We remind you to avoid all high-risk activities, to always wear a mask outside your home, and to practice social distancing. Remind others to practice social distancing as well. In most cases, people just forget, and a gentle and supportive reminder is often appreciated. Practice hand hygiene and keep hard surfaces clean. If we all do this, according to the CDC, we can significantly reduce the transmission of the coronavirus.

Many of you have asked about the plan for distribution of the PPE that will be required when faculty, staff, and students return to campus for skills development, simulation, and practical exams. As with all dimensions of our plan, the details are grounded in the most current science and consistent with the design of the policies at MGH and MGB. As we have shared, the above on-campus learning activities will be cohort-based, with groups spread out to facilitate social distancing. Students will largely be arriving for classes in 2CW and the Shouse Building, with a few selected experiences in 1CW. Students and faculty will be assigned a time and an entrance to enter the IHP campus and obtain the mask they will wear on campus.

Everyone coming to campus will complete the MGB COVID PASS app. Through this app, you attest to being symptom-free and are then “cleared” to arrive on campus. You will come to campus with your personal mask, remove the mask, and then don your IHP mask using appropriate procedures before going to your class or workspace. Students and faculty may also receive additional PPE (face shields, gowns, gloves) that they will use during the campus-based experience. By the middle of August, the time, schedule, and entrance location for coming to campus will be provided.

In other IHP buildings (34, 39, 79/96, Library), the process for arrival on campus will be essentially the same except that there will be mask and sanitation kiosks stationed throughout those buildings. Faculty, staff, and students entering those buildings will follow the same procedure of exchanging their personal masks for IHP masks which they will wear when they are on campus.

We know these continue to be challenging times. We know that your IHP experience is not what you expected. We are all working to provide you with an educational experience that will prepare you well for your chosen profession. We hope that these updates and reminders are helpful in answering your questions and relieving your anxiety about the safe return to campus. In upcoming Town Halls, we will continue to discuss return to campus issues, and we will continue to provide information via written messages as well. Please be well and stay safe.

Paula Milone-Nuzzo
President and John Hilton Knowles Professor

Denis Stratford
Chief Operating Officer

IHP Communications

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