Tuition and Fees for PP-OTD


Note –official tuition and fee rates for this program will be posted in the Tuition and Fee Section of our website in March of 2020.

Rates for the 2020-2021 Academic Year:

Tuition Rate:  $1,250 per credit

A matriculation fee of $700 will be charged in the first semester of attendance.

General student fees will be charged each semester based on the following chart:

  • General Student Fee - 9 or more credit hours       $ 900.00
  • General Student Fee - 6 to 8 credit hours               $ 645.00
  • General Student Fee - 3 to 5 credit hours               $ 450.00
  • General Student Fee - Less than 3 credit hours   $ 180.00 


All questions regarding tuition and fees should be sent to our Bursar’s Office.




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