Students Talk About Taking Online Prerequisite Courses at the MGH Institute

There are myriad reasons why students take Online Prerequisites for the Health Professions at MGH Institute of Health Professions in Boston. We invite you to read their stories.

Headshot of Karen Ann Levy


Karen Ann LevySeeking flexibility,  and fully accredited online courses at a school committed to research and diversity.




Headshot of Rylie Ellam

Rylie Ellam: Online prerequisites student who wants to help others as a speech-language pathologist.






Headshot of Linda Petrangelo


Linda Petrangelo: An aspiring physician assistant who has found her calling.





Headshot of Rachel Brown


Rachel Brown: An aspiring speech-language pathologist striving to make an impact.





Headshot of Amy Waters


Amy Waters: Taking online prerequisites at the IHP to change careers and become a nurse.





Headshot of Catherine Kingman


Catherine KingmanPursuing a degree in speech-language pathology to help others become more confident speakers.