Students and employees traveling during Spring Break


-March 5, 2020-

Institute planning related to coronavirus (COVID-19) continues as the situation evolves on a daily basis. The Institute strives to protect our community, planning for a variety of possible scenarios related to the virus and communicating on a regular basis. For the latest information, please use the Institute COVID-19 website.

Students and employees traveling during Spring Break should stay current regarding travel restrictions and alerts, and other information which may impact their ability to return to campus and clinical education placements. If you are traveling and want to continue to receive the MGH Institute coronavirus updates, please complete this form. We will add your contact information to the various distribution lists. Everyone’s health and safety are contingent upon each of us taking responsibility for self-reporting if we are exposed in any way to COVID-19. If you meet any of the criteria listed below, please contact Denis Stratford as you plan for your return to the Institute.

Tree tell those who have traveled from a country or state under the travel ban they will be placed on mandatory 14 day leave of absence

We realize that this is a stressful time for all of us given the uncertainty of this situation. Please reach out to your faculty and colleagues for support. The Partners Employee Assistance Program/Student Assistance Program is also another resource for you. Visit the EAP website for common reactions and self-care tips. If the feelings of worry or anxiety become prolonged or too intense, contact the EAP at (866) 724-4327.

Thank you for your continued attention to this very important situation.


Denis Stratford
Associate Vice President for Information Technology, Campus Services, & Compliance

Paul Murphy
Chief Communications Officer


IHP Communications

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