Student Update: Student Organizations Hold Fundraiser in Appreciation of Black History Month

March 05, 2021

Three student organizations, IHP Acts of Service, Minorities Engaged in Dialogue and Service, and Students for Racial Justice in Healthcare collaborated on a fundraiser during February and continued it into March to bring Black History Month to the attention of the Institute community. The organization which benefitted from this virtual fundraiser was the Transgender Emergency Fund, a local black lead organization supporting BIPOC transgender individuals in Massachusetts. In total, the groups raised over $150. At the halfway mark of the fundraiser (Friday, February 26) the groups came together for an event that consisted of thoughtful discussions about various TED Talks that are significant, thought-provoking, and celebrate black history and culture. The TED Talks (Color Blind and Color Brave, The Danger of a Single Story, Can Art Amend History, and A Historical Musical) are all available through the TED website.