Student Organization Resources

Events, Meetings and Fundraising:

  • Student Organization Event Planning Checklist
    Use this as a guide throughout the planning process to stay on track.
  • Event Request Form 
    Use to request events on- and off-campus for student organizations. This form applies to all events put on by student organizations, no matter the size. Event types include social, academic, fundraising events, etc.
  • Meeting Room Request Form
    Use when planning club meetings, board meetings, or committee meetings.
  • Deposit and Receipt Form
    All organizers of fundraisers and apparel fund collections must fill out this form before bringing money collected to OSAS. Money must be dropped off in OSAS on the same day of the collection.
  • SGA Funding Request Form
    Used by Student Government members to request funding for cohort events.


If you have any questions regarding these forms please email Jessica Upton.