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Student Government Association (SGA)

The purpose of the Student Government Association (SGA) is to represent and serve the needs and interest of the members of the student body. Part of its mission includes management of all student clubs, with the following guidelines for clubs:

  • Open to all matriculated students (an exception may be for chapter guided by national professional organizations)
  • Active membership of at least eight students
  • Continuing plans and events under development
  • Does not substantially duplicate the same purpose or membership of any existing student organization at the Institute.

Class Representatives


  • Isra Hashmi, Lauren Tobin; SP 2015
  • Michael Frisbie, Laura McKenna; SU 2015
  • TBD; SP 2016


  • Jaime Tirrell, Jaemin Yoo; Year 1
  • Ashley Kippins, Julia Wisnia; Year 2


  • Mary Grier, Bryan Godduhn; Year 1
  • Victoria Hill, Dillon Young; Year 2
  • Kate Aurigemma, Anthony DiBartolomeo; Year 3


  • Lea Noonan, Valerie Rucker; Year 1
  • Tulsi Patel, Samantha Sawicki; Year 2
  • Stephanie Dini, Tyler Nightingale; Year 3


  • Rae Nathanson; Year 1
  • Kaela Glenn, Loren Fields; Year 2


  • TBD; Year 1


  • Ranjani Krishnakumar; Year 2

SGA Contact:

Requesting SGA Funding

The SGA has a set budget every academic year to help fund class social events, student conference fees, student clubs, and interdisciplinary events. To request funding assistance, please complete a Request for SGA Funding Form.

Current Student Clubs

OHANA - Multicultural Student Club

Offering a multi-cultural experience at the MGH Institute of Health Professions, OHANA* provides students of all backgrounds an opportunity to learn about and experience the diversity amongst their peers, as well as make lasting relationships with different students across the healthcare professions. 

OHANA facilitates dialogue about multicultural issues and provides students with an outlet to openly discuss cultural concerns within the IHP community. Members will be able to heighten their knowledge through participation in events focused on the academic, professional, social and cultural development within the MGH Institute and surrounding community. OHANA welcomes all students. 

*OHANA from Wikipedia: “Ohana means family, family means no-one gets left behind or forgotten. Part of Hawaiian culture, ohana means family in an extended sense of the term including blood-related, adoptive or intentional.”


Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School

The purpose of the MGH Institute chapter of the IHI Open School is to foster dynamic interprofessional collaboration to empower students to proactively improve the quality of health care. As a member, you will have opportunities to learn about health care quality improvement science through IHI courses and chapter events, build an interprofessional network and grow your collaborative skills through service learning and social activities, and participate in or develop Quality Improvement (QI) research initiatives with other members of the IHI Open School team.


IHP Musicians

The IHP Musicians was founded in 2012 to enrich patients’ experiences and quality of life during recovery through musical entertainment, enhance students’ clinical and professional development and to promote interdisciplinary skills. The club is comprised of members from all IHP programs and performs a variety of musical genres with solo, duet and group performances. Each semester the club performs at Spaulding Rehab and will be expanding to other venues. Rehearsals are held weekly on Friday from 5:30–6:30 p.m.

IHP Musicians Officers: Alexandra Fam, Natsumi Asanuma, Lisa Keegan, Katherine Marks, Krysten Sears, Amanda Fryd


IHP Cares 4 Kids (ICK)

IHP Cares 4 Kids provide the IHP community with a student organization that promotes interest of pediatric health care and research. Members from all disciplines are welcome. ICK promotes awareness of pediatric healthcare topics through community involvement, as well as educational and professional events. Throughout the academic year the club collaborates or engages with various non-profit organizations dedicated to the research of and care for patients with pediatric illness and/or disability.


KinsIHP (LGBTQ) Club

Formed in 2005, this club provides a forum for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and queer-identified students and allies. The club is open to any student who has an interest in LGBTQ-related health.

Each academic year, the club invites speakers to address LGBTQ health-related issues. The club also gives presentations on LGBTQ issues for the IHP community. The club is active and has regular meetings and social events. The club also networks with MGH LGBT's Employee Resource Group and has participated in volunteer events at Fenway Community Health in Boston.

KinsIHP Officers: Rebecca Thal, Andy Carrera


National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA)

NSSLHA is a nonprofit organization for graduate and undergraduate students interested in the study of human communication and related disabilities (Speech-Language Pathology). Graduate students in the Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) program have an active NSSLHA chapter.

Along with participating in community service projects, the group is active in fundraising in order to reduce the cost for students attending the annual American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Convention.

The annual ASHA Convention provides a place for professionals and students involved in speech-language pathology and related fields to present research, listen to speakers, and learn about new remediation techniques. By attending the convention, NSSLHA members gain more knowledge about communication disorders, and observe the leaders of our field.


National Student Nursing Association (NSNA)

A non-profit organization for students enrolled in associate, baccalaureate, diploma, and generic graduate nursing programs. NSNA mentors the professional development of future registered nurses and facilitates their entrance into the profession by providing educational resources, leadership opportunities, and career guidance.


NSSRH - Nursing Students for Sexual and Reproductive Health

MGHIHP’s Nursing Students for Sexual and Reproductive Health is dedicated to advancing and securing reproductive health and justice for all. Recognizing that nurses are frontline health care practitioners, patient advocates, and community health educators, NSSRH fulfills its mission by (i) advocating for substantially increased reproductive health and abortion training for nurses; (ii) organizing a nationwide network of nursing student activists; (iii) supporting the leadership of nursing students and all nurses in the reproductive justice movement; (iv) collaborating across the nursing profession and with other health care providers to maximize resources and expertise; and (v) creating a new generation of reproductive health and abortion provider nurses. We are affiliated with the national chapter of Nursing Students for Choice (NSFC).

Mirian Barrientos, Co-Chair
Kara Pinksy, Co-Chair


Physical Therapy Club

The purpose of the Physical Therapy Club is to increase awareness of the physical therapy profession to the general public. In addition the club will seek to improve involvement of MGH Institutes students in the APTA.

Possible ways to become involved are through the Marquette Challenge and attending the Student Conclave. Also, students may get involved by providing health screening, information sessions, community lectures, mentoring, student forums and other community outreach. The club will also mentor new entry-level DPT students.


Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA)

The Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA) is a non-profit organization, founded at MGH Institute by the inaugural OTD class of 2017. The purpose of SOTA is to enhance knowledge about occupational therapy as a powerful, widely recognized, science-driven, and evidence-based profession (AOTA, 2006). SOTA is a student-run organization that promotes occupational therapy through community service, public relations, fundraising, and campus activities. Our mission is to serve the community in areas related to occupational therapy, while simultaneously advancing members skills in areas such as professional development. SOTA provides its members the opportunity to connect with each other, faculty and the community at large. SOTA meets once a month.

100% of OTD students are current members of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), earning the Institute Gold Level recognition in the AOTA's Student Membership Circle.


Spanish Club

The Spanish Club provides a venue for Spanish-speaking students to practice and improve their language skills. The club explores cultural and linguistic topics and communication barriers encountered in healthcare settings. Students with all skill levels are encouraged to join, practice speaking Spanish, and participate in community and cultural events.


Inactive Clubs:


Crossroads welcomes students of all disciplines and denominations to join us for spiritual encouragement, prayer, and fellowship with other Institute students, staff members and alumni who seek to follow Christ.

We meet regularly throughout the academic year to explore and study issues of faith, calling, spirituality, and service in health care.

Inactive Student Organizations:

  • An organization is considered inactive when it is unable to maintain all of the above mentioned requirements of an official student organization
  • If a matriculated student of the Institute wishes to reinstate an inactive organization to official student organization status they must follow the steps outlined below.

How to Establish a New IHP Student Organization

First Steps:

  • Hold an informational meeting to generate club interest. Send your meeting announcement to Student Life for approval. The Office of Student and Disability Services (OSDS) will then forward the approved announcement to the Daily News.
  • Have at least 8 committed members before applying for official club standing with OSDS and the SGA.
  • Secure a current Institute Faculty/Staff member to act as your advisor for the academic year and submit his/her name to OSDS. (Note: If an advisor cannot fulfill the year long commitment, the club must submit the name of a second advisor to fill out the term.)
  • Fill out the New Student Organization Application form.

Second Steps:

  • Attend an SGA meeting and be prepared to outline your organization’s mission and purpose.
  • The SGA reserves the right to take up to one month to review the application.

Final Steps:

  • If approval from the SGA has been reached, the organization should hold elections for an Executive Board. Having an E-board will help to shape the club and make sure it is following its mission and purpose. The E-board should at the very least include the following positions: Chair/President, Treasurer, Secretary, and SGA Liaison. The role of the SGA Liaison is important because this allows the clubs to have a direct line to the SGA.
  • Once an E-board has been established, the new organization should submit to OSDS a list of the board members with their student email addresses.
  • If a general club email is desired, the organization should submit a request to OSDS to Student Life.

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