Spring 2018 Faculty Development Day


Faculty Development Days

Spring 2018
Faculty Development Day
Thursday, May 3, 2018



Part 1 – Teaching with Simulation

Janice Palaganas
Director of Educational Innovation and Development
Center for Medical Simulation

10:00-10:45 Shouse 315
Changing our Interprofessional Dance: How Simulation can Bridge Gaps

11:00-12:30 Shouse 315
Debriefing Interprofessional Groups: A Workshop



1:00-2:30 Shouse 315
Simulation Petting Zoo 
Watch demos and have a chance to get up close and ask questions about various modes of simulation being used around the Institute

2:30-3:00 Shouse 322
An Assessment of Faculty Readiness to Facilitate Simulation-Based Learning
Deborah Navedo, Associate Professor, Health Professions Education 

Part 2 – Celebrating Success at the Institute

3:15-4:15 Shouse 315
Laura Plummer 
Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy
Humility, Humor, Honesty and Heck I hope This Works…Thoughts on Teaching our Future Caregivers

4:15-5:15 Shouse 322
Onramps Scholarship Reception
Poster Presentations from the Onramps Scholarship Groups with a wine and cheese reception



Workshop Descriptions

Changing our interprofessional dance: How simulation can bridge gaps

Meeting the complex needs of our patients goes beyond the boundary of one profession. It requires teamwork and collaboration with other professions and, as a precursor, requires interprofessional education (IPE). Simulation has become the preferred medium for IPE.  Interprofessional education requires brave examination of professional boundaries and in the process, skillfully blurring boundaries and creating new boundaries. Clinicians and Educators are often the designee of such simulation-enhanced IPE activities, challenged to facilitate the learning of students in a myriad of professions simultaneously. Such boundary-spanning responsibilities seem daunting.

This talk aims to 1) discuss the importance of IPE and how simulation is a vehicle for achieving quality IPE, 2) highlight the role of clinicians as educators as IPE leaders contributing to a new field, and 3) provide tools to assist educators in creating learning beyond boundaries.

Debriefing Interprofessional Groups

Debriefing interprofessional groups is becoming more and more a necessary task for simulationists and simulation educators as simulation is increasingly being selected as a preferred method for interprofessional education (IPE). While many educators are being tasked with debriefing interprofessional groups, there is currently no guidance in the literature specific to debriefing interprofessional groups. Faculty of the Center for Medical Simulation have been debriefing interprofessional groups participating in simulation-based education and have, through trial and error, identified numerous challenges and strategies that can facilitate learning despite challenging debriefing situations. This session is meant to develop educators in the area of debriefing interprofessional groups. The session will experience IPE, debriefing, simulation as a platform for IPE, the role of debriefing in IPE, challenges in interprofessional debriefings, and strategies observed to overcome these challenges.  The participants will have the opportunity to learn these concepts in action while debriefing an interprofessional team with feedback from a debriefing expert in the field of health care simulation.