Social Distancing Policy

-March 12, 2020-

To reduce the spread of COVID-19, the Institute has implemented a social distancing policy to reduce the number of students, faculty, and staff on campus at one time.

We are asking that most IHP employees work from home starting March 16 to ensure students’ needs are fully met and essential functions continue uninterrupted. Please contact your supervisor to review expectations of when and for what reasons you might work on campus.
Here are several ways to prepare to work from home:

  • All employees with an Institute-issued laptop should take it home every night, along with the power cord.
  • To access your H Drive, shared network drives, Colleague, and Informer, you need to use VPN on your Institute laptop or your home computer. (You also can install Office 365 on your home computer by logging into the Office 365 website using your email address.)
  • Sign up for VPN (must log in):
    • Select “VPN Request” under "Internets and Networks" and insert Val Grande as your manager.
    • Almost all other software applications in use can be access through a web browser without VPN.
  • Create a Zoom account using your “” email address.
  • Update your emergency notification information. On days you are working from home, you must continue to clock in and out using Kronos.

Additional information and support is available by opening an IT Help Desk ticket.

Other Information

Jabber allows you to make calls on your Partners phone line via your computer when using your mobile phone. Please follow the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Once logged in, locate Make a Request tab.
  3. Scroll until you find Telecommunications Requests. It will be in the Telecommunications group.
  4. Fill out the information, use the search tool to look yourself up by your Partners username. The service that you want to select is Jabber.
  5. Which of the following Services would you like to request? Select New.
  6. Will the new service associate with an existing phone number? Select Yes and enter in the existing phone number.
  7. Which of the following new Jabber services would you like to request? Select MAC, Non-Partners PC, Partners PC, Tablet.
  8. Fill out Cost Center information. (Check with your supervisor to find out your Cost Center number.)
  9. Once everything is filled out, review it and hit Checkout in the lower right-hand corner.


Denis Stratford
Associate Vice President for Information Technology, Campus Services, & Compliance

Paul Murphy
Chief Communications Officer

IHP Communications

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