Steps to Set Up an IHP Social Media Account

  1. Define your goals for the social media account.
    • Who is your audience?
    • Where is your audience online?
    • Can I devote a minimum of a half hour per day creating content and managing the account?
    • Will I have enough content to share a minimum of 2 – 3 posts per week, remembering that quality over quantity is more important?
    • What content can I create and what will need to be student or faculty driven?
    • What network will be used?
    • What will the name(s) be?
  2. Review Best Practices for Managing a Social Media Account.
  3. Fill out the Registration Form.
  4. Set up a meeting with the Assistant Director of Digital Branding for review.
    • At the meeting account goals will be reviewed, an account officially created with new name, profile photo and a cover photo, as well as direction on how to fill out the social media account and create a realistic posting strategy.
  5. The Office of Strategic Communications will not manage the account; we are a resource to help with social media strategy and questions around best practices.
  6. Once at least five good posts are made you should begin advertising the account. Work with the Office of Strategic Communications to coordinate promotions.
    • Communication vehicles that could help with promotion include: Daily News Announcements, Department newsletters, Department website, MGH Institute social media listing on website, Introduction to account and cross posting on official MGH Institute social media accounts, listing on email signatures, letting your department administrators and faculty know to share the account.
  7. Measure your social media success by looking at community engagement such as comments, likes, clicks, and shares as well as how many followers you continue to gain.