September 4, 2020: Commit @ IHP Reminder

-September 4, 2020-

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students,

For those of you just joining the IHP, we welcome you to this exciting and dynamic academic environment. For those of you who are already part of the IHP community, we welcome you to a new academic year with all the hopes and promise that a new academic year brings. Unlike the rest of the world, this is our “New Year,” and each September we have the opportunity to reset and make this our best year ever. Our recent virtual events have shown us that while we can’t all be together, we can celebrate each other and honor each other’s accomplishments in meaningful and impactful ways.

While COVID-19 has tested us in many ways, we have developed new approaches to teaching, learning, and working that have served us well over the past six months. Just last week, we welcomed the first cohort of students to campus for clinical education and skills development labs, using PPE, practicing social distancing, and having completed the COVID PASS attestation. Our plan is based on science and consistent with the model used throughout MGB clinical sites.

It was wonderful to see the campus begin to come to life again, and students and faculty so excited to be back together. For the remainder of the semester, we have plans for cohorts from all of our clinical programs to come to campus and engage in the clinical education and skills development that are so important to academic progression. Our ability to execute this plan depends on each one of us taking the responsibility to stay safe and healthy during this semester. We have learned a lot about the virus over the last six months and know the primary mode of viral transmission and the behaviors that reduce the spread. It’s up to us to use this knowledge.

Commit @ IHP is our plan for each of us to remain healthy so we can continue participating in on-campus clinical education and skills development, and for students to engage in clinical experiences with patients and families. As future clinicians, we are confident our students’ personal choices will align with their clinical decision making and would never jeopardize their patients’ health and safety, which may already be compromised. In the same way science informs Commit @ IHP and patient care, it must also inform personal decisions such as the impact of becoming COVID-positive by attending one party, one large event, or going to one bar. We all have to be strategic in the way we think about our on-campus and off-campus activities as we work to keep not only ourselves healthy, but our fellow students, faculty, and staff safe, as well as protect those patients and clients we will provide care for within our clinical practices. They deserve that from us. Let’s all commit to each other that we will embrace and live the Commit @IHP plan.

We wish you all a peaceful and restful Labor Day weekend and look forward to seeing many of our students on campus in the coming weeks. Take care and stay safe.

Paula Milone-Nuzzo
President and John Hilton Knowles Professor

Denis Stratford
Chief Operating Officer

IHP Communications

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