Returning to the Classroom

In spring 2022, teaching and learning at the MGH Institute will more closely resemble the pre-pandemic format. To prepare faculty members and students for returning to in-person instruction, this checklist reviews the steps to a smooth start to the semester. It’s important to acknowledge the anxieties that we may all feel about sitting in crowded classrooms again and to plan for the possibility of changing public health guidelines. For help please contact the instructional designers, instructional technologists and technical support by opening a ticket using the help desk ticketing system. 

Download and Print this checklist

Planning your course (plan at least 4-6 weeks prior to teaching)
❑ Suggested: Meet with Instructional Designers regarding curriculum and instruction
❑ Suggested: Meet with Instructional Technologists regarding D2L and technology-related instruction

D2L course shell preparation (plan about 4 weeks prior to teaching)
❑ Finalize syllabus content (dates, assignments, resources, etc.) and upload into D2L
❑ Import/copy content from previous semester (applicable if using content from previous course)
❑ Check the announcements the IT team provides regarding the latest updates to D2L as well as reminders to keep your course running smoothly.
❑ Set up your announcements in D2L
❑ Set up your Zoom meetings in D2L
❑ Review assignments, discussions, quizzes
❑ Review association with gradebook
❑ Check rubrics and other assessments
❑ Check and enroll groups
❑ Update dates for current semester in your courses
❑ Check all the latest D2L updates and new features

Prior to coming to campus (plan at least a few weeks prior to teaching in class)
❑ Make sure your Personal Capture is installed on your laptop
❑ Test your laptop sound and webcam
❑ Update Zoom using desktop version on your laptop
❑ Check the list of equipment in your assigned classroom for planning
❑ Request capture recordings for specific dates in your classroom, if needed
❑ Check that TAs are enrolled in your D2L course
❑ Check that clinical and lab Instructors have mghihp emails and Zoom accounts

On campus: Prepare for teaching in your classroom (plan at least one week prior to teaching)
❑ Visit the classroom and review the instruction cards for using technology
❑ Turn on the computers and screens in the classroom
❑ Log in to the classroom computer (this may take much longer the first time you do it!)
❑ Check the software on the computers you will be using
❑ Login to D2L

First day of class: Creating a safe container for learning
❑ Address the feelings students might have about returning to campus and the importance of following IHP Commit
❑ Assure nondiscrimination of community members who may choose to wear a mask
❑ Consult trauma resources for educators (PDF)

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