Writing in the Schools Exchange Project

The broad goal of the Writing in the Schools Exchange (WISE) project is to build mutually beneficial long-term partnerships that work to solve shared problems of practice in writing instruction. We are interested in partnering with schools that seek strategies for teaching writing at Tier 1, II, and III levels. To discuss your interests related to either the WISE Project or professional development interests, please slambrechtsmith [at] mghihp.edu (contact our lab).

IHP Summer Writing Clinic

Intensive individualized written language instruction for students aged 10-16 years with diagnosis of reading or related language-based reading difficulties. Post hoc analyses are used to study predictors of treatment efficacy.


Do you have a child between the 4th and 12th grade who is reading at a 3rd grade reading level or beyond, is able to write at least three simple sentences and is working on writing single paragraphs? You may be interested in enrolling your child in one of our Writing Clinics.

chaynes [at] mghihp.edu (Email Charles Haynes for info)