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Working with schools, researchers and educators to implement writing education best practice




Dr. Leslie Laud, Ed.D.

Instructor, Bank Street College of EducationResearch: Served as IES & EIR Principal Investigators

Dr. Leslie Laud (M.A., special education, Ed. D., curriculum & teaching, both from Teachers College, Columbia University) has studied data informed decision making, structured language instruction (Orton-Gillingham) and self-regulated strategy development for writing. In her 30-year teaching career, she worked as a special educator, learning specialist then staff developer, focused on structured writing instruction. She has also worked with Dr. Charles Haynes at Mass General Hospital’s reading specialist’s program on structured writing instruction. She also taught graduate courses at Teachers College, Columbia University and at Mass General Hospital.  She publishes studies in peer-reviewed journals and presents often on how progress monitoring can inform writing instruction. She now consults in schools, districts and states to support scaling structured language instruction for writing. 

leslie wears rimless glasses and has shoulder length straight grey hair

Harvard-Kent Elementary School

Mark Silva, Principal
Heidi Clement, Assistant Principal


Everett Public Schools

Bill Donohue, Special Education Director


Hanover Public Schools

Anastasia Frank, Reading Specialist


Alumni & Past Participants

Graduate Research Assistants
Jess Frost
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Emily Moran
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Olivia Thompson

Summer 2020 Graduate Clinician Team
Jess Frost
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Erika Romagnoli
Meghan Samyn

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