Two main IHP courses are associated with the Toward an All-Inclusive Jordan project.


OH-784 Community Based Rehabilitation : This elective course introduces OT and non-OT students to Community Based Rehabilitation, an initiative developed by the World Health Organization to enhance the quality of people with disabilities, their families, communities, and ensure their inclusion and participation in developing countries.


OT-885 Advanced Doctoral Experience : A 16-week research intensive experience / sequence of courses which ends with a capstone.

As part of these experiences, students are connected with mothers and community health workers in Jordan who are located either within refugee camps or on the lower socioeconomic spectrum. When worldwide travel allows, students spend 3 months in Jordan working at stations set up to service those with disabilities. There is also a digital conferencing component, where they use Zoom to connect with families in Jordan - the most recent project completed rehabilitation for 8 families.

Dr. AlHeresh structures course activities so students can build training models to train the mothers, school teachers, etc., on what rehabilitation means, what to do, and how to address issues. For PhD students, research projects are built and executed year round to inform the direction of services delivered in the communities we work in. Students work in the field as rehabilitation experts in our year-round pro bono clinics in refugee camps in person and online. We work with numerous community stakeholders to make impactful change.