Projects examining learning across the lifespan, in children with developmental disorders, aphasia and TBI. 

Understanding feedback-based learning in children with developmental language disorders

We are measuring electrical signals from the brain (using EEG) to better understand how children with and without language disorders use feedback to learn.

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Individual differences in feedback-based learning

Using behavioral and electrophysiological measures, we study the interaction between working memory, motivational beliefs, strategy use, performance monitoring and feedback processing in various learning paradigms.

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Examining the behaviors and neurophysiology of nonlinguistic learning in adults with and without aphasia

We are studying how people with and without language impairment go about learning non-linguistic material.  We look at behaviors and electrical signals in the brain during learning.  We hope that a better understanding of learning can help us improve treatment for individuals with aphasia. 

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Using eye tracking to examine behaviors of learning

Using an eye-tracking system based on infrared light, we study where people look during learning tasks to better understand how people acquire and process information.

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Learning and executive functions in TBI

Using behavioral and electrophysiological measures (using EEG), we study how working memory and executive functions affect the ability to learn new information and use effective learning strategies in individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI).

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Projects examining treatments for aphasia

iPad treatment study

We are conducting a treatment study aimed at improving naming.  Eligible participants will receive 10-weeks of tablet-based therapy. 

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Music-based treatment for aphasia

We study which factors affect outcomes of music-based treatment for people with aphasia.

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Projects examining language ability in aphasia

Tracking language deficits in aphasia

In collaboration with Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) we are gathering data in the acute stages of stroke and tracking the progression of language deficits.

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