Yael Arbel, PhD, CCC-SLP

Phone: (617) 724-7363
Office Location: Shouse (Building 36) 420

Associate Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorder, Co-Director, Cognitive Neuroscience Group

Department: Communication Sciences and Disorders, Cognitive Neuroscience Group

Dr. Arbel applies behavioral and electrophysiological measures (Event-Related Potentials) to study typical and impaired feedback processing. Her current research is focused on elucidating the impaired learning mechanism in children with Developmental Language Disorder, with an emphasis on these children’s ability to learn from corrective feedback.

Current projects address the following questions:  

  1. What is the relationship between feedback processing and learning? Dr. Arbel is studying the relationship between neurophysiological markers of feedback processing, learning outcomes, and working memory across the lifespan. 
  2. What are the developmental changes in feedback processing? Dr. Arbel is interested in the relationship between the developing executive functions (e.g., working memory, attentional control, performance monitoring, and strategy use) during the early school years.
  3. Is Feedback-based learning impaired in children with developmental language disorder (DLD)? Dr. Arbel’s study is focused on elucidating at the neurophysiological level the extent to which children with DLD benefit from corrective feedback in the context of rule-based and probabilistic learning tasks.

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