Summer of 2017 Undergraduate Research Initiative

The Cognitive Neuroscience Group (CNG) hosted an undergraduate research initiative in the summer of 2017. Three undergraduate students from area schools were selected to participate in this eight-week-long research internship. Students learned about clinical assessment of language and cognition, and were trained on data collection and analysis of event-related potentials (ERPs) and eye tracking data. The undergraduates became part of the CNG community, learning from IHP CSD graduate students, participating in weekly brown bags, and presenting research.

Summer 2017 CNG Undergraduate interns:

  • Dani Marrissa Grant, Bunker Hill Community College
  • Sijju Karki, UMass Boston
  • Ivy M. Mwangi, Williams College

2017 Undergraduate intern students Silju Karki,Ivy M. Mwangi, and Dani Grant


Figure 1. Undergraduate students (l to r) Silju Karki, Ivy M. Mwangi, and Dani Grant





2017 summer undergraduate interns practice EEG net application


Figure 2. Undergraduate interns practice EEG net application





Undergraduate interns Ivy and Sijju use the Eye-tracking system


Figure 3. Undergraduate interns Ivy and Siju use Eye-tracking system





Dani Grant presents at a weekly CNG meeting


Figure 4. IHP graduate students teach our undergraduate interns about language and cognitive tests





2017 summer undergraduate interns attend a weekly CNG meeting


Figure 5. Undergraduate students attend the weekly CNG meeting.





Celebrating the 2017 undergraduate summer interns


Figure 6. Congratulations to the 2017 summer interns!