Research at the Crossroads of Health Care and Higher Education

MGH Institute of Health Professions networks and affiliates with many top-tier medical and educational research institutions in Greater Boston, putting it at the global crossroads of health care and higher education. Below are just a few of the MGH Institute's ongoing research collaborations.

Harvard University Division of Medical Sciences

One of the many active educational and research collaborations of the MGH Institute is a relationship with Harvard’s Division of Medical Sciences, Speech and Hearing Bioscience and Technology (SHBT) Doctoral program. SHBT is an innovative, interdisciplinary doctoral program that trains researchers in basic science, translational medicine, and engineering approaches to the field of human communication.

Harvard Macy Institute and Center for Medical Simulation

Both the MS and PhD in Health Professions Education programs at the MGH Institute collaborate extensively with the Harvard Macy Institute and the Center for Medical Simulation. The Harvard Macy Institute brings together health care professionals, educators, and leaders to discuss the critical challenges of the day and design innovative solutions that have a lasting impact on the way medicine is practiced and students are educated. Founded in 1993, the Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) was one of the world’s first health care simulation centers. Two decades of simulation training to improve quality of care later, CMS continues to be a global leader in the field.