Required Paperwork for Term Lecturers

Before you can start your Term Lecturer, Site Clinical Instructor or Lab Instructor position at the Institute, you need to complete the on-boarding process with Human Resources.

All new hire paperwork is available online. You will, however, have to visit the Human Resources Department in person to return the completed forms and confirm your employment eligibility.

An appointment to meet with HR and review all new hire paperwork listed below must be completed within two weeks of receiving your contract.

To make an appointment with Human Resources to complete your paperwork, please email or call HR at (617) 724-2451. Please be sure to review the required documents you will need to bring with you for your new hire appointment to complete your CORI and your I9.

The Human Resources Department is located in Building 34 on Floor 2. In general, new hire paperwork appointment hours are between 8:30 a.m.–Noon and 1:00–5:00 p.m.

If you are not able to come during these hours, you may complete your required CORI and I9 with a notary and mail it to Human Resources. Copies of the documents the Notary attested to for your CORI and I9 must be included with what you send to HR. Please contact HR if you plan to proceed with this option.

Your Contract

You will receive your contract via email. Please review, sign it and make an appointment with Human Resources to return it along with the rest of the paperwork listed below.

I-9 & CORI Forms

For the two forms listed below, please fill out the information on the forms and then bring your government-issued identification documents to Human Resources. Photocopies will not be accepted.

CORI Information Form: Please bring your Driver’s License, Visa, or Passport.

Form I-9: In preparation for your first day you need to complete the Federal I-9 form in the HireRight I-9 system. After confirming your appointment with Human Resources, you will be entered into the HireRight I-9 system, where you will receive an e-mail from HireRight with instructions on how to log-in and complete the form. Click on the link in the body of that email and enter all of the requested information. 

The day of your appointment, please bring with you an identification document from List A OR one identification document from List B and an identification document from List C. The lists of accepted identifications can be found here.

New Hire Paperwork

To view and download the attached forms, please click on the titles of the forms below.

HIPPA Privacy and Security Training

You will have 2 weeks to complete the required training on HIPAA Privacy and Security through the HealthStream online training module. To access your training:

  • Log on to HealthStream
  • Enter your network logon or PeopleSoft ID and a password:
    • If this is your first time using HealthStream, use “abc123” as your password. You will be able to change it once you log in.
    • If you have used HealthStream before, use your HealthStream password. If you do not recall your HealthStream password, click the Password Reminder link.
  • Under the “My Learning” tab, locate and select the course titled: “HIPAA New Workforce Training”.
  • In the following screen, under Learning Activities, select the presentation link.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the training.