Reminder of Commit Guidelines

-May 18, 2021-

Dear IHP Community,

Welcome to the start of the Summer 2021 semester, with a special welcome to the new ABSN cohort of students!

During the summer semester, we will continue to hold skills development on campus, with most didactic instruction taking place online. We are increasingly opening the campus up for limited academic instruction and student study – all within the continued individual adherence to Commit @ IHP.

As vaccination coverage increases and the prevalence of COVID-19 in our community decreases, public health guidance around masking for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals is changing. And while the CDC has provided guidance on activities that are safe for fully vaccinated individuals, their new recommendations do not yet apply to health care and education settings. The Institute continues to follow health protocol regulations from the state and City of Boston, as well as guidance from the infectious control experts at MGB. As such, the Institute Commit @ IHP guidelines remain in effect for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

The Commit guidelines require wearing a mask, regular hand washing, and maintaining six feet of social distancing unless masked and wearing a face shield. It is our collective responsibility to keep ourselves and one another safe. We want to once again thank the community for the vigilance to Commit @ IHP; we have had great success over the past year.

Over the next several weeks we will announce our plan for the Fall 2021 semester. If the COVID-19 indicators continue to trend in the current direction, we hope to return to most classes and activities being on campus. The health and safety of students, faculty, and staff will continue to remain our top priority.

All the best for a successful summer semester,

Paula Milone-Nuzzo
President and John Hilton Knowles Professor

Denis Stratford
Chief Operating Officer

IHP Communications

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