Recycling Program

Recycling at the MGH Institute

Recycling plays an important role in the Institute's commitment to going green.

Certificate of Reuse

In December 2011 the Institute received a Certificate of Reuse for contributing 130 pieces, over 3 tons, of school and medical furniture shipped for relief efforts in Spanish Town, Jamaica.

Veteran's Cell Phone Drive: In a charitable drive in partnership with the Recycle and reward Program of Veterans Advantage, the Institute community donated 15 used cell phones.

Recycled cell phones are used for social good as many donated phones are distributed for 911 (emergency only) services, providing battered adults, children and senior citizens with a direct link to necessary communication.  A big thank you to all who participated!

Participated in Earth Hour and Earth Day: The Institute participated in the Earth Day week-long fair. In the lobby tables were set up with facts and information sheets on Boston-area Earth Day Events, money-saving gasoline tips, coloring books and puzzles for adults and children. Pencils made from recycled products, which changed color when used, were given out.

New at 2CC: The Institute purchased new bike racks which accommodate an additional 19 bikes. These racks are located to the left of the driveway as you approach the building.

Office Supply Recycling Program:  The Office of Campus Services monitors this program of new and gently used office supplies for use by Institute employees.

Contracted with Shred-It: To manage recycling our paper. IN using this service the Institute community will help make a difference.

Question mark used for Did You Know?Did you know that it's perfectly fine to recycle magazines, catalogs, and other "glossy" publications?

 Additional initiatives will be announced during the upcoming academic year.

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