Rawan AlHeresh, MScOT, PhD, OTR/L

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Associate Professor
Occupational Therapy
(617) 643-0605
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Shouse - 263

Dr. AlHeresh earned a number of degrees worldwide including a bachelor of science in occupational therapy from Jordan (University of Jordan, Amman), and a Masters of Science in occupational therapy in the United Kingdom (Brunel University, West London). In 2011, Dr. AlHeresh moved to the United States and earned her PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences from Boston University in 2015. Dr. AlHeresh then completed a two position-postdoctoral fellowship through the Health and Disability Research Institute at Boston University’s School of Public Health, and as a visiting scientist at the Tufts University's occupational therapy department where she received training on the science of measuring patient-reported outcomes (PRO's).

Dr. AlHeresh is the founder and Director of the "Toward an All-Inclusive Jordan" Initiative, which serves as a platform for education, clinical training, and advocacy for the rights of people with disabilities using Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) as a service delivery model.

Dr. AlHeresh has been named as the 2019 Thomas S. Durant Fellowship of refugee medicine, a prestigious award granted from the Massachusetts General Hospital department of global health through sponsoring health care professionals to serve refugee populations and victims of complex humanitarian disasters. Dr. AlHeresh received this award in recognition of her work with Palestinian Refugees in Jordan.

Research Interests

Patient-Reported Outcomes
Assessment development
Employment and work disability
Community Based Rehabilitation in developing countries
Occupational and Social Justice among refugees


BS, Occupational Therapy, University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan
MS, Occupational Therapy, Brunel University, London, UK
Phd, Rehabilitation Sciences, Boston University, Boston, MA


Select Publications:

Keysor, J., LaValley, M., Brown, C., Felson, D., AlHeresh, R., Vaughan, M., Yood, R., Reed, J., Allaire, S. Efficacy of a Work Disability Prevention Program for People with Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Conditions: The Work It Randomized Controlled Trial. Arthritis Care & Research. 70.7 (2018): 1022-1029. 2

AlHeresh, R., La Valley, M., Coster, W., Keysor, J. (2017). Construct validity and scoring methods of the health and work productivity questionnaire among people with arthritis. Journal of occupational and environmental medicine. 59.6: e112.

AlHeresh, R., Vaughan, M., La Valley, M., Coster, W., Keysor, J. (2016). Critical appraisal of the literature evaluating psychometric properties of arthritis work outcome assessments: A systematic review. Arthritis Care & Research. 68(9):1354-70.

AlHeresh, R. & Keysor, J. (2015) The Work Activity and Participation Outcomes Framework: A New Look at Work Disability Outcomes through the Lens of the ICF. International Journal of Rehabilitation Research, 38(2): 107-112.

AlHeresh, R., Bryant, W., & Holm, M. (2013). Community-based rehabilitation in Jordan: challenges to achieving occupational justice. Disability and Rehabilitation, 35(21), 1848-52.


Select Presentations:
AlHeresh, R, Griffin M, Li J. Community-based rehabilitation (CBR) in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review of strategies and interventions. American Occupational Therapy Annual Conference & Expo; April 5, 2019; New Orleans, LA.

Engelbrektsson S, Fabianek A, Li J, AlHeresh R. Palestinian refugee youth: measuring their daily functioning with the Pediatric Evaluation of Disability Inventory Computer Adaptive Test (PEDI-CAT). American Occupational Therapy Annual Conference & Expo; April 5, 2019; New Orleans, LA.

Fabianek A, Engelbrektssn S, Li J, AlHeresh R. Understanding thelived experiences of Palestinian refugees in Jordan. American Occupational Therapy Annual Conference & Expo; April 5, 2019; New Orleans, LA.

Li J, Fabianek A, Engelbrektssn S, AlHeresh R. Health status of Palestinian refugees in Jordan: a predictive model using the World Health Organization (WHO) Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Indicator. American Occupational Therapy Annual Conference & Expo; April 6, 2019; New Orleans, LA.

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