PT Faculty, Students Present Work at Annual Meeting

February 23, 2021
American Physical Therapy Association logo which is a triangle made of teal lines, along with fireworks and the conference dates of Feb 1-28

Faculty and students in the Department of Physical Therapy presented their work virtually during the annual Combined Sectional Meeting (CMS) of the American Physical Therapy Association, held throughout the month of February.

Naidoo K, Plummer L, Baldwin J, Lesar J. Narrative Analysis to Track the Development of Clinical Reasoning during Residency: A Mixed Model Study. Poster presentation.

Rodgers M, Thompson L, Segal R, Kimberley TJ. Research Funding Symposium Part 2: Perspectives on Research Mentoring. Live Q & A.

Faulk G, Kimberley TJ, Lang C, Schubert M. Getting Published in JNPT: A Chat with the Editorial Board (NE-7367). Live Q&A. 

Gore S, Pinkstaff S, Robinson Rob. Cardiovascular Physical Therapy in the Home Setting: Are We Doing Enough? Educational session. 

Gore S, Sutton W, Sholds K, Luo EAssociations of Physical Activity with Health Indicators in Individuals with Heart Failure. Platform session. (Students in italics.)

Tiwari, D, Naidoo, K, Chatiwala, N, Triola, A, Ong, B, Bartlo, P, Gore S. Exploratory Analysis of Physical Therapy Utilization and Practice Patterns for Individuals with COVID-19. Platform session. 

Baldwin J, Perron A, Schneider J. “Pivoting Clinical Education from On-Site to Virtual:  Meeting the Needs of Two Communities.” Poster. 

Baldwin J, Pittmann R, Sabo C. From, With, and About Wellness: An Interprofessional Approach to Group Health.” Poster. 

Friggon W, Schmidt, C, Gore S. Identifying Factors Associated with Outpatient Physical Therapy Utilization for Older Adults with Osteoarthritis Using EHR. Poster. 

Tiwari D, Clock C, Gore S. Applicability of Neck Pain Measures in Children Using International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health. Poster.