Presenting at 2016 ASHA Convention

November 17, 2016
Photo of ASHA presentation logo

Faculty and alumni from the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders participated in 29 seminars and courses, research discussions, and/or poster presentations at the 2016 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association convention, "Everyday Leadership. Leadership Every Day," held on November 17-19. 


Rebecca Inzana, Gregory Lof: A Path to Interprofessional Endeavors: Lessons Learned From MGH Institute of Health Professions.

Cara Stepp, Matias Zanartu, Daryush Mehta, Robert Hillman: Hyperfunctional Voice Disorders: Current Results, Clinical Implications, & Future Directions of a Multidisciplinary Research Program.

Stephanie Izzi ’16, Gregory Lof: Identifying Cognitive Biases: Overcoming Thinking Shortcuts for Better Evidence-Based Practice.

Eileen Hunsaker (CSD), Mary Knab (CIPSI), Jane Baldwin (PT), Patricia Reidy (NS), Regina Doherty, (OT) Gail Gall (NS), Clara Gona (NS): Superb Sims: Using Interprofessional Team Simulations to Facilitate Collaborative Practice in Health Care.

Bonnie Halvorson, Adele Raade, Susan Lambrecht-Smith, Mary Riotte, Lesley Maxwell: Stay Calm & Follow the Rubric: Examining Clinical Writing in an In-House Graduate Clinic.

Howard Shane, Amanda O’Brien, Anna Allen '03, Jennifer Abramson '09, Suzanne Flynn, Ralf Schlosser, Christina Yu '16: Enhancing Language in Autism: A Visually Immersive Developmental Framework.

Anna Allen '03, Kristofer Brock, Ralf Schlosser, Howard Shane: Aided Augmented Input Techniques for Persons With Developmental Disabilities: A Systematic Review.

Kristofer Brock, Ralf Schlosser, Rajinder Koul, Howard Shane: Do Animations Facilitate Understanding of Graphic Symbols in Children With Autism?

Natsumi Asanuma ’15, Marjorie Nicholas, Suzanne Pennington, Lauren Zipse: Auditory Selective Attention Deficits in Mild-Moderate Aphasia: Relation to Formally-Tested & Self-Reported Auditory Comprehension Impairments.

Megan Pattee ’16, Joanna Christodoulou, Matthew Schneps: Effects of Digital Text Modifications on Reading in High School Students With Language-Based Learning Disabilities.

Kristen Allison, Yana Yunusova, Jun Wang, Jordan Green: Perceptual, Instrumental & Self-Detection of Early Bulbar Changes in ALS.

Natalie Albrittain-Ross ’16, Joanna Christodoulou: Processing Speed, Naming Speed & Fluent Reading in Young Readers With & Without Dyslexia.

Mary Riotte, Yael Arbel, Bonnie Halvorson: First Year Graduate Students' Confidence in Clinical Writing: Does it Change Over Time & Why?

Mary Hildebrand (OT), Janet Brown, Holly Wise: Building Collaborative Practice Teams.


Alex Johnson, Barbara Jacobson: Considering, Implementing & Evaluating New Approaches in Graduate Education.

Marjorie Nicholas, Lynn Brady Wagner, Eileen Hunsaker, Suzanne Pennington, Carla Tierney '10, Marianne Savastano '02, Denise Ambrosi, Mary Hildebrand (OT), Elizabeth Felker: An Interprofessional Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Program (ICAP) Based on Life Participation & the ICF.

Susan Lambrecht-Smith, Melissa Feller, Charles Haynes: Increasing the Specificity of Writing Assessment for Children With Reading Disability.

Lara Karpinski ’16, Meg Simione, Brian Richburg, Jordan Green: The Effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on Speech Motor Learning.

Panying Rong, Yana Yunusova, Jordan Green: Differential Effects of Velopharyngeal Dysfunction on Speech Intelligibility During Early & Late Stages of ALS .


Marc Maffei ’16, Jarrad Van Stan, PhD ’16, Robert  Hillman: Correlating Ambulatory Voice Measures With Vocal Fatigue Self-Ratings in Individuals With MTD & Normal Controls.

Charles Haynes, Natalie Albrittain-Ross ’16, Emilia Motroni ’16: Creating a Student Service Learning Program From Scratch: A Case Study.

Lucia Hong ’16, Yael Arbel: Learning & Feedback Timing: Comparing Immediate & Delayed Feedback in Healthy Adults.

Rebecca Inzana, Joanna Christodoulou, Melissa Feller, Margaret Kjelgaard, Jennifer Mackey, Meredith O’Dea, Suzanne Pennington: Specialty Concentrations: Added Value for Graduate Students.

Patricia Kelley Nazzaro: Adolescent Language & Literacy: Using Technology to Compensate.

Meghan O’Brien '06, Howard Shane, Ralf Schlosser, Anna Allen '03, Jennifer Abramson, Suzanne Flynn, Christina Yu '16: Autism & the Apple Watch: Just-In-Time Delivery of Visual Supports.

Melissa Feller, Diane Nesman: Helping Struggling Writers Become Strategic at the Paragraph Level.

Sofia Vallila-Rohter, Lauren Zipse, Marjorie Nicholas: Nonverbal Cognition in Aphasia: Why SLPs Should Pay attention to Learning.

Leila Denna ’16, Micah Smith '14, Hossein Najati, Margaret Kjelgaard: Perception of Affective Prosody in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.