Postpartum and Infant Wellness Group

The Ruth Sleeper Nursing Center for Clinical Education and Wellness invites you to participate in free Postpartum and Infant Wellness Group virtual visits with our nurse practitioner students. These Wednesday morning visits are designed for people who have recently given birth, adopted a baby, or are caring for a newborn. Anyone who is postpartum (up to one year after delivery) or the caretaker of a newborn is welcome. Visits are conducted by nurse practitioner students and supervised by licensed faculty.

To schedule an appointment and receive more information on our Postpartum and Infant Wellness Group, contact:
Kathy Sabo, MS, RN, Director of the Sleeper Nursing Center 
Phone: (857) 270-3101

Goodman Mother Baby study

Have you recently given birth or adopted a new baby?

Do you have questions and concerns about:


Goodman mother baby
  • Adjusting to parenthood/a new baby
  • Newborn care
  • Breast/chestfeeding
  • Contraception/family planning, and resuming sex
  • Nutrition for infants and breast/chestfeeding parents
  • Self-care
  • Other questions about caring for a newborn, family adjustment, or recovery after having a baby?

Or could you just use more support?



Telehealth visits are part of our health care now. As our nurse practitioner students are learning about telehealth, we would like to offer you virtual visits as part of our services at the Sleeper Center. Clients will learn how to participate in a virtual visit. Students will learn how to conduct a virtual visit with a health history and assessment.