People in the Aphasia Center Community

The Aphasia Center is a specialty program of the Speech, Language, and Literacy Center (SLLC), which is housed within the Dr. Charles and Ann Sanders IMPACT Practice Center. It is part of the Master’s Degree Program in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) at MGH Institute of Health Professions. 

The Center assists adults who have partial or total inability to produce or understand speech as a result of brain damage caused by injury or disease such as people who have had a stroke. These are the members of the Aphasia Center. The Center also provides support for caregivers of the Center's members. 

Graduate students in the MGH Institute Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology program provide diagnostic and therapy services to people with aphasia. The student clinicians are supervised by experienced faculty members in CSD.

Photo shows christine and mashael from S-IHP's CAP program



  • Currently we have more than 60 clients with aphasia who attend the Aphasia Center
  • Some of them have member profiles on this website


  • Graduate students provide the treatment in the Aphasia Center
  • Each semester seven to eight students work in the Center


  • This section of the website is for the caregivers of the members in the Aphasia Center


  • Jaclyn Capria McGee '07 and Vicky Sin '07 designed and created the initial version of this website
  • Jaclyn’s sister Angela Capria designed the Aphasia Center logo
  • We are grateful for the help from the Institute’s development and communication staff, in particular, Jorge Sanchez De Lozada