Patricia Reidy, DNP, FNP-BC, FNAP

Pat Reidy
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Program Innovation, School of Nursing, Professor
(617) 726-6105
Office Location: 
Shouse - 257

Dr. Patricia Reidy joined the nursing faculty at MGH Institute of Health Professions in 2004 and is the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Program Innovation, School of Nursing.

She teaches theory and clinical courses in the advanced practice nursing program.   She was named a Distinguished Fellow and Practitioner in the National Academies of Practice in 2013 and  received the Institute's Nancy T. Watts Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2014.

She has been instrumental in promoting interprofessional education and practice at the MGH Institute. As Principal Investigator she has received over $ 2.3 million dollars in grant funding from the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Advanced Nursing Education Workforce program to lead initiatives in team-based care for persons living with multiple chronic conditions and support an academic-clinical partnership with MGH Institute and Crimson Care Collaborative. The Crimson Care Collaborative (CCC)  is  an interprofessional student-faculty collaborative practice providing primary care with underserved populations across Greater Boston.  In 2019 , CCC received the prestigious United States Public Health Services/Interprofessional Education Collaborative National Award for their work addressing public health issues in the community.

She is a board-certified family nurse practitioner with extensive clinical, managerial, and teaching experience in community health centers. She continues her clinical practice and precepts students across healthcare disciplines at the Family Health Center of Worcester.

Research Interests

Her scholarship interests include: interprofessional education and collaborative practice; workforce development  and  simulation in nursing education.


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RN, Fall River Diploma School of Nursing
BSN, Fitchburg State College
MS, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
DNP, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

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