Patrice Nicholas, DNSc, DHL (Hon.), MPH, RN, ANP-C, FAAN

Patrice Nicholas
Professor, Director of the Center for Climate Change, Climate Justice, and Health
Center for Climate Change, Climate Justice, and Health
(617) 643-2487
Office Location: 
Shouse- 206

Dr. Nicholas joined the Institute faculty in 1989 after many years of clinical practice at the Massachusetts General Hospital. She is Professor and teaches in the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program as well as in the Direct-Entry Master of Science and Doctor of Nursing Practice programs. She is also Director of the  Center for Climate Change, Climate Justice and Health at the Institute.

Dr. Nicholas also serves as an advisor to third-year students on scholarly work/theses. In 1995, she was awarded the Nancy T. Watts Award for Excellence in Teaching from the MGH Institute of Health Professions.

Dr. Nicholas is engaged in research on quality of life in chronic illness, particularly HIV/AIDS and international/cross-cultural work. She completed both a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard School of Public Health in 1999, and a Master of Public Health degree in International Health (HIV/AIDS Focus).

She has served as Region 15 Coordinator for Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing (2005-2009) with responsibilities for all chapters in the Northeastern US, Eastern Canada, Western Europe, and Africa. In 2009, she was elected to the Board of Directors of Sigma Theta Tau International. Dr. Nicholas is a charter member of the MGH Institute’s chapter, Upsilon Lambda,  and also Epsilon Beta and Theta Chapter-at-Large.

Dr. Nicholas was the recipient of a J. William Fulbright Senior Scholar Award for 2003-2004 to study population issues and health status in Germany. She serves on the editorial review panels of several journals including AIDS Care, American Journal of Public Health, Nursing Research, American Journal of Nursing, Nursing and Health Care: Perspectives on Community, and The Journal of Nursing Scholarship.

Dr. Nicholas is the recipient of several grants and awards for her research. She is a Visiting Professor at Catholic University in Leuven, Belgium, and St. Luke's Hospital in Tokyo, Japan. Dr. Nicholas was recently awarded a J. William Fulbright Senior Scholar Award in South Africa for 2006-2007 to continue her research and teaching on symptom management and adherence to therapy in HIV disease in Durban, South Africa. In 2010 she received the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care Research Award. She is also the recipient of a Nursing Spectrum Community Service Award and a Boston Business Journal Champion in Health Care Award.

Research Interests

Quality of life in chronic illness, particularly HIV/Aids, and in international/cross-cultural work.


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BSN, Fitchburg State College
MS, Boston University
Certificate of Advanced Study in Primary Care, MGH Institute of Health Professions
MPH and Postdoctoral Fellowship, Harvard School of Public Health
DNSc, Health Behaviors concentration, Boston University
Doctor of Humane Letters, Honoris Causa, Fitchburg State University

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