Onramps Lane 3: Review Projects from 2020-2021

2020-2021 Onramp Groups


Post-Covid-19 Interventions in Rehabilitation

Leader: Mary Hildebrand, OT Faculty

Research Question(s)

1) What conditions and chronic conditions are patients experiencing post-Covid-19? 
2) What existing rehabilitation interventions may be effective in treating those conditions and chronic conditions that are a result of Covid-19? 

Roles for co-authors

  • Literature review
  • Manuscript drafting
  • Manuscript editing

Intended outcome: Program development for IMPACT Practice Center to implement with clients who have had Covid-19; Manuscripts on conditions and evidence-based rehabilitation strategies for clients post-Covid-19 that are targeted to specific health care professions.

Timeline: One year

Current stage: Idea phase

Area of impact: Application

Previous experience: Beginning Research Skills

Time Commitment: Two one-hour Zoom meetings per month; one to two hours per week for literature review


Climate Change and Mental Health

Leader: Patrice Nicholas, SON faculty

Research Question: What are the impacts of climate change on vulnerable populations related to mental health?

Roles for co-authors

  • Literature review
  • Development of Research Idea
  • Determine if a qualitative research study or scoping/systematic review

Intended outcome: Manuscript for publication if integrative/scoping/systematic review or manuscript of research findings if qualitative study

Timeline:  Manuscript for publication in one year if integrative/scoping/systematic review. If research study, 1) develop research protocol in fall 2020, submit protocol by January 2021, conduct research April-June 2021, write results and submit manuscript by September 2021.

Current stage: Idea.

Area of impact: Application

Previous experience: Only a passion for learning more about the health consequences of climate change

Time Commitment: Approximately 3-4 hours per week and attendance at bi-weekly meetings


Characteristics of the Patient Population at a Covid-19 Non-Congregate Shelter: An Analysis of Socioeconomic, Housing, and Health Risk Factors

Leader: Elissa Ladd, SON faculty

Research Question(s)

1) To describe the demographic, social, and health characteristics of the population of residents residing at the Chelsea/Revere non-congregate shelter during the Spring of 2020. 

2) To explore the fit of this data with an available predictive algorithm for residents in high risk housing.  

Roles for co-authors

  • Literature review
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Manuscript drafting
  • Manuscript editing

Intended outcome: Two papers submitted for publication​

Timeline: Fall and early spring

Current stage: Beginning

Area of impact: Discovery

Previous experience: This will depend on their role.  If they are working on the literature review or manuscript editing, a new researcher could work on that portion.  Data analysis or manuscript drafting would be suited for a researcher with some level of experience. 

Time Commitment: This is a quick turn around project so most of the work will have to occur in the fall and early spring. At least one day a week in the fall.