Steering Committee

Faculty members from the School of Nursing comprise the steering committee for the Center for Climate Change, Climate Justice, and Health.

Committee Members

Patrice K. Nicholas, DNSc, DHL (Hon.), MPH, RN, NP-C, FAAN

Distinguished Teaching Professor and Director Center for Climate Change, Climate Justice, and Health Nursing

Suellen Breakey, PhD, RN

Distinguished Teaching Associate Professor Associate Director, Center for Climate Change, Climate Justice, and Health Nursing

Carla Donati

Assistant Dean, Administration Nursing

clara has glasses and shoulder length twists in her black hair

Associate Professor Nursing

Tyler Leary

Sustainability Coordinator Campus Services

martha has black hair and dark eyes

Instructor Physician Assistant Studies

Lisa-Marie O'Brien

Senior Executive Assistant Nursing

tomisin has a braided bun and a navy lace dress

Interim Co-Director Prelicensure Programs Assistant Professor Nursing

pat stands in a hospital wing and wears a red top

Director of Community Engagement Amelia Peabody Professor in Nursing

Kathryn Sabo, PhD, RN, CNE

Director, Ruth Sleeper Nursing Center for Clinical Education and Wellness Assistant Professor Nursing

margie has close cropped reddish brown hair and light pink lipgloss

Assistant Dean, Leadership Programs Director of DNP Program Associate Professor, Nursing

Eleonor Pusey-Reid, DNP, RN, MS, MEd

Distinguished Teaching Associate Professor Nursing

Roksolana Starodub, PhD, ACNP-BC

Assistant Professor DNP Track Coordinator Nursing

Elaine Tagliareni in pink blazer

Director of Faculty Development Professor Nursing

john wears oval glasses and a yellow tie

Associate Professor Nursing Occupational Therapy