Nursing School Over Medical School

July 06, 2016
Mary Boyum School of Nursing Student

Mary Boyum thought she had her future all figured out – until she met a couple of nursing graduates from the MGH Institute.

The Minnesota native had just started a long-term volunteer stint in Haiti while pondering which medical schools she would apply to. But once Institute alumna Sherline Chery-Morisset ’06 and Carine Luxama ’06 began talking to her, those plans quickly changed.

“I had never heard of the Institute until I went to Haiti,” Boyum said, noting that other nurses she met in Haiti from Massachusetts General Hospital also recommended her going to the IHP. “But after hearing about what a great school it was, I started looking into it on the Internet because I didn’t have a lot of time left to apply.”

Even some of the doctors she met on the island spoke glowingly of the Institute, citing its connection to Mass General, top-notch clinical experiences, the depth of knowledge of the faculty – most of whom are practicing clinicians - and its proximity to some of the best hospitals in the United States.

The 10 years it would take for her to become a doctor and specialize in oncology, plus the extraordinary cost of medical school, also played heavily in her decision to switch career plans and become a nurse practitioner.

“I’m a very holistic person, and I realized I could better accomplish my goals of caring for patients as a nurse practitioner, rather than a medical doctor,” Boyum explained. “I want to treat the whole person and help them take their health into their own hands, and I realized the best way I could do this was learning to become a nurse at the Institute.”