School of Nursing Faculty Scholarship

Faculty members and researchers in, and alumni of the School of Nursing regularly publish in leading academic and professional journals, present at conferences, and secure grants – all with the goal of improving techniques and care practices to help improve the lives of patients. Our faculty, a majority of whom are practicing clinicians in leading hospitals and health care centers, integrate their research into the classroom and clinical settings to provide students with the most up-to-date information that will help them become better nurses.


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Patricia Reidy, DNP, FNP-BC, FNAP, FAAN, associate dean of academic affairs and a professor in the School of Nursing, is the PI of a four-year HRSA grant, "Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training Program," to support psychiatric/mental health nurse practitioner students with a nurse traineeship. The IHP is the lead agency and has established six academic-clinical partnerships to secure clinical placements. Susan Stevens, DNP, MS, MEd, PMHNP, BC, an assistant professor of nursing, will oversee the program.

U.S.–India 21st Century Knowledge Initiative
$99,178 from the United States – India Educational Foundation. Associate Professor Elissa Ladd, PhD, FNP-BC, Principal Investigator. 2018-2020.

ADVANCE: Assessment of Disparities and Variation for Alzheimer's disease in Nursing home Care at End of Life.
$315,372 from the National Institutes of Health, Ruth Palan Lopez, PhD, GNP-BC, FAAN, Principal Investigator. 2020-2021.

ADVANCE: Assessment of Disparities and Variation for Alzheimer's disease in Nursing home Care at End of Life - COVID-19 SUPPLEMENT.
$133,149 from the National Institutes of Health, Ruth Palan Lopez, PhD, GNP-BC, FAAN, Principal Investigator. 2020-2021.

Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA)
$240,000, subcontract from the Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute, from the National Institutes of Health. Nancy M. Terres, PhD, RN, Sub Principal Investigator. 2018-2023.

Neuromuscular Dysfunction Among Fatigued and On-Fatigued Breast Cancer Survivors​
$444,952, from the National Institutes of Health, Amelia Peabody Professor in Nursing Research and Director of the Fatigue Research Lab Lisa Wood, PhD, RN, FAAN,  Principal Investigator, and Assistant Professor Janet Kneiss, PhD, DPT, MS, Co-Principal Investigator, 2018-2020.