Thanks to Everyone

Feb 19, 2013

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I hope that you are off somewhere enjoying this long weekend as a respite from your busy and important work. It is Sunday afternoon and it's a snowy blowy day around the harbor. As many who read this will know, I am home recovering from surgery and so I am taking time to express some appreciation. I will write more about all of this in the future.

My personal gratitude for your many expressions of connection/concern/and affection is intense. I enjoy (love!) hearing what is going on at School, with our students and Faculty, and of course, with you. Heather and Peter are keeping me on the grid with regular updates and news.

I am even more grateful for all of the cards, letters, notes, flowers, etc. I promise to get to thank you notes as soon as I can, but know that each point of contact is highly cherished by both Linda and me. Please don't let any delay on my part suggest that I am not noticing all your loving attention!

As anyone who has been through major surgery and healing knows, the process is rarely expedient! I am living that truth for sure, but know that I can't wait to be back at the office with all of you. Perhaps most gratifying is to know that your work, our work, goes on as planned. I see it every day via email, the web page, office notes, minutes, etc. And why wouldn't it? We have such a fantastic leadership team, group of faculty and staff, and students.

Special shout out to Heather, Jorge, and Susan who have produced our unbelievable new calendar. I am so proud and happy for this accomplishment, identified as the number one request from those who use Faculty Compass! Also, the collective work of our admissions committees, OSA, and Marketing in assuring full enrollment over the next term is so great. Thanks to everyone who is making it all jive.

I promise to write soon with some more reflections about what I am learning these days. Again, I hope that you are having a nice holiday weekend! See you soon!

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