December has provided for some interesting "sights" for the Institute community.

Dec 17, 2010

December has provided for some interesting "sights"  for the Institute community.  I had the chance to accompany some Partners' colleagues to Delhi, India in order to explore some collaborative opportunities for the future.  This picture, taken at India's largest mosque, is my favorite one from the trip!

Six faculty members representing our two Schools shared their research results with members of the Board at their recent Board of Trustees Dinner.   During a pre-dinner reception, faculty work was displayed on posters around the room and Trustees had a chance to visit with the faculty members and learn of their contributions.

Faculty members Pat Reidy and Dan Kane hosted visitors in the ICU environment. (Pictured above)



The lovely patient in the home care setting presente an interesting mix of  challenges including her own personal health habits and a bad wig!  By the way, the patient
is Dr. Deb Navedo! (Pictured above)

Dr. Marianne Benninato (Physical Therapy) explained her work to Board Chair, Dr. George Thibault during the recent Board Dinner. (Pictured above)

On another note, Dec. 15 was the Institute Open House for the Simulation Center.  Many faculty members were able to see first hand the simulated home care environment and the ICU environment.  One of the goals of the event was to encourage faculty and student use of simulation in teaching activities.


By the way, the home simulation center is in need of a variety of products, furnishing, and assorted items.  Be sure to check out the list provided by the Simulation group that is posted in the main lobby of the Shouse Building.


Thanks to the faculty members who pulled the "open house" off and made it a big success!

CSD Faculty members Julie Atwood and Lesley Maxwell were seen attending the amazing holiday party hosted by the President!   What an event!   As usual, members of our Institute community raised money for a local shelter and donated two bins of toys for "Toys for Tots."   The marines were present to pick up the goods.


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