Summer 2019 Graduate-Level Non-Degree Courses

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CD-822-DL - Language Acquisition
Prerequisites: None. This course covers typical oral language development and its relationship to the acquisition of reading and writing skills. Theories of language development are analyzed and phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics are addressed.

Faculty:  Prof. Lesley Maxwell
Credits: 3
Offered: Online
Dates: 5/20/19- 8/24/19

CD-825-DL - Reading and Writing in Schools
Prerequisites: None. This course is designed to address issues relevant to teaching reading and writing in the schools (K-12).  Topic include analysis of scientifically based research on reading, an overview of reading philosophies, implementation of data driven differentiated instruction, and reading and writing across the curriculum.

Faculty: Dr. Tiffany P. Hogan & Dr. Susan L. Smith
Credits: 2
Offered: Online
Dates: 5/20/19 - 7/12/19

CD-826-DL- Leading Literacy and Change
Prerequisites: None. This course investigates the roles of reading specialists, issues related to consulting and whole school change, and the use of formative assessments to drive instruction.  Its focus is on professional development and in-service education to support classroom teachers and tutors in their efforts to improve reading and writing instruction.

Faculty: Dr. Tiffany P. Hogan
Credits: 1
Offered: Online
Dates: 7/15/19 - 8/2/19

CH-740-DLHB - Early Intervention: Birth to 3
Prerequisite: Program prerequisites. This course provides theoretical and practical preparation for diagnosing and treating infants, toddlers and their families. Through lectures, readings, and discussions, students will understand Individual Family Service Plans (IFSP), service coordination, family-centered practice, and federal and state legislation. In addition,students will learn hands-on remediation techniques. They will also become familiar with the diagnostic tools used in Massachusetts to determine eligibility.

Faculty: Prof. Jennifer Mackey & Prof. Catherine J. Leslie
Credits: 2
Offered: Hybrid. Onsite, Thursdays 6:00 p.m. - 8:20 p.m. 6/27/19 & 7/11/19- 7/25/19
Dates: 6/27/19 - 8/24/19

NH-720-DLHB - Research for Clinical Practice
Prerequisites: Statistics. Pass/Fail and audit available. This course prepares students to apply research evidence to improve clinical practice. It focuses on the knowledge and skills necessary to evaluate research evidence, integrate research and theory to answer clinical problems, and disseminate research findings to enhance clinical practice.

Faculty: Dr.  Nancy M. Terres
Credits: 3
Offered: Hybrid. Onsite- Mondays 5/20, 6/3, 6/17, 7/8 & 8/5 5:00 p.m.- 7:50 p.m.
Dates: 5/21/19 - 8/25/19

OH-780-01 - Disability and Society
Prerequisites: None.  This course examines the evolution and current issues affecting persons with disabilities - the largest minority population in the United States.  It includes changes in disability models and societal perceptions across time; disparities in access to education, employment, health care, transportation, and housing; and an evaluation of public spaces using ADA criteria.  Emphasis will be placed on discussion of topics that affect persons with disabilities differently than
persons without disabilities such as domestic violence and emergency preparedness.  National and international perspectives and policies will be examined to determine their effectiveness on decreasing disparities, increasing access, and enabling participation.

Faculty: Dr. Diane L. Smith
Credits: 3
Offered: Onsite, Tuesdays, 12:30p.m.-3:50 p.m. 
Dates: 5/20/19 - 8/1/19


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