Academic Integrity Report


As a graduate institution preparing future health professionals, the MGH Institute of Health Professions is committed to the highest standards of professional, academic, and scientific excellence. The IHP Core Values state there should be “mutual trust and collegiality in our relationships with each other and those we serve” in an interprofessional environment.

For the seventh year, CIPSI, the School of Nursing, and the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences have collaborated with the Office of the Provost and the Office of Student and Alumni Services to compile an Institute-wide report of violations related to academic integrity. In releasing the data publicly, we intend to spark a conversation around the collective obligation to enforce our core values.

In the 2018-2019 academic year, the Institute recorded 3 violations of academic integrity. Listed below are the specific types of violations along with the subsequent actions taken by the programs. All these incidents were resolved using the Institute’s academic disciplinary process stated in the Student Handbook.

The Institute would like to recognize the Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program in responding to students’ concerns about upholding academic integrity for examinations.  The Occupational Therapy faculty leadership developed and implemented an academic integrity initiative that proactively addresses students’ shared obligation to promote and maintain ethical conduct among students. 


Number of Cases




Written Warning



Written Warning




To hold ourselves accountable for continuous improvement, we have summarized data for the past five years in this chart. Links to the full report from previous years are available below.



The Catalog contains more detailed information about how we define violations of academic integrity and the disciplinary actions they may trigger. You will also find resources about how to maintain academic integrity on the Faculty Compass section of our website. Each faculty member and student is held accountable for reporting observed violations of intellectual honesty. We encourage you to discuss the role you can play in strengthening our commitment to reflect these shared core values in all we do. Please direct suggestions or feedback to the Office of Student and Alumni Services.