The Health Professional's Role

Not everyone may recognize that health professionals can play a critical role in preventing and preparing for climate change. The consequences of global warming are a major threat to the health of individuals, families, communities, and populations both here and abroad, and it promises to worsen dramatically if left unchecked. 

As health professionals we play a critical role in climate change prevention and preparedness. We are policy makers, scientists, teachers, and environmentalists, as well as clinicians. Our efforts can address mitigation, adaptation, and resilience through education, practice, research, and service related to the health effects of climate change.

Extending beyond clinical boundaries in order to improve health care and achieve equity for all people worldwide, together we can make a difference.

 Review core climate & health competencies for health professionals.

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We have a unique opportunity to provide communities with education and counseling, not only regarding treatment, but also the prevention of disease and illness. 




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We have the ability to help shape international government policy by advocating for environmental sustainability.  See Climate for Health's resource guide for health professionals at clinics, small healthcare practices, professional associations, and local health departments who want to lead on climate and sustainability.




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Public Education

We can provide patients with knowledge of planetary health strategies that can lead to a widespread adoption of change. 




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Research and Scholarship

We can further the understanding of effects of climate change on health of populations worldwide. See faculty scholarship.